Zenhiser releases Vital: Trance Kicks

Developer: Zenhiser

vital-trance-kicksZenhiser has announced the release of Vital: Trance Kicks, a collection of 300 kick drums for trance, EDM and progressive house.

It’s time for our Vital series to get it’s hooks into the Trance scene and what better way to start than an assault of modern Trance kicks designed to supercharge your next track. Zenhiser has produced the perfect solution for all your kick drum needs with an array of kicks crafted for Big Room, Uplift and the various sub genres of Trance. 300 sharp edged, extreme attack kicks with perfect initial clicks and enough following punch to guarantee our kicks will never be lost in your mix. The kick drum is the foundation to any track, it’s the starting point to every production and can literally make or break a track, so why not give your productions the edge they deserve.

These heavy hitting Trance kick drums are well rounded, sonically perfect bundles of bottom end thump. They are primed for the current club sound and usable in multitudes of genres. As with all our Vital series this sample pack is designed to do only one thing, and do do that bloody well, give your future tracks the kick drum quality they deserve. So if you want your drum tracks to be better than the rest grab Vital: Trance Kicks, it’s the treat your studio needs.


  • Trance Kicks – Big Room – 35
  • Trance Kicks – FX – 50
  • Trance Kicks – Long – 55
  • Trance Kicks – Medium – 75
  • Trance Kicks – Short – 40
  • Trance Kicks – Uplift – 45


$35 AUD

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