Zenhiser releases Big EDM Stems


Developer: Zenhiser

big-edm-stemsZenhiser has announced the release of Big EDM Stems, a sample pack featuring 254 stem parts from a total of 10 EDM kits.

All the EDM stems within this sample pack have been professionally created, recorded and mastered ensuring you receive some of the highest quality programming to use within your tracks. The options with this EDM stem pack are nearly endless, use the stems as supplied, loop your favourite parts, edit any part on the fly without messing around with the rest of the track or even chop, warp and use the parts to create something totally different to the original. This really is an EDM pack for every producer, it’s so good we wanted to use all the EDM stems in the one preview!

Each EDM stem contains a multitude of sounds including bass pads, main pad, clap, crash, edm lead, fx, fx lifters, high lead, kick, pluck, ride, snare and an array of alternate sounds including reverse cymbals, hoover sounds, various snare types, various kick types and definitive synth sounds. Whilst mainly designed for EDM these parts can also be used for Progressive House, Trance, House & EDM sub genres. Zipping in at 2.3 GB this is our biggest sample pack to date and we don’t mean just in zip size, Big EDM Stems is a Zenhiser pack that over the coming months will take the EDM scene by storm.


$50 AUD

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