Tru-Urban releases Urban Bass Playa: Live Bass Phrases


Developer: Tru-Urban

Urban_Bass_PlayaTru-Urban has released Urban Bass Playa: Live Bass Phrases, a new collection of MIDI chords, live bass phrases, bass licks, effects and more.

If you are looking to add that smooth, soulful, charismatic live bass to your tracks, Urban Bass Playa is your next best move. In this session, ANTHONY “DOWNTOWN TONY” BROWN plays soulful R&B Bass to chord progressions from the popular R&B Chord Progressions MIDI Library. You get the isolated bass phrases as well as the chord progression midi files used in the session.

We recorded nice long takes with all types of variations and character. With Urban Bass Playa, you are not stuck in a box with static 4-bar bass loops. Each live bass phrase was recorded as a song so there are variations, articulations and changes throughout.

Use Urban Bass Playa to spark new inspiration and add a new level of musicianship and sofisticated flavor to your tracks.



  • Live Bass Phrases: Over 50 High quality 24-bit .wav files
  • MIDI Chord Progressions
  • Bass licks and Effects
  • Long phrases including variations, articulations and changes
  • Use in any music software DAW



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