TevioSound releases Back to the Future Delay free plugin


Developer: TevioSound

back-to-the-future-delayItalian plugin developer TevioSound has announced the release of Back to the Future Delay, a free VST effect plugin for Windows.

Stereo/Mono Delay with Delorean Time Machine control screen.


  • REPEAT Trim on left 7 Segment red led 0 to 100
  • MIX Trim on left 7 Segment red led 0 to 99
  • TIME Trim on left 7 Segment red led 0 to 2000 ms (2 Seconds) – In Tap Tempo mode no limit.
  • BPM Orange Led Click Orange led for synchronize BPM VST with Host
  • VINTAGE MODE Green Led Vintage sound Delay (Tape delay)
  • TAP Click sometime for calculating your time.
  • STOP suspend calculating time Tap Tempo
  • DRY button esclude dry signal if it off
  • PRESENT TIME Real present time usage plugin
  • ON/OFF button with red led



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