SynthMagic releases free Hammond Extravoice for Kontakt


Developer: SynthMagic

extravoiceSynthMagic has announced its free Hammond Extravoice, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The samples were donated to me by a kvraudio member Spitfire31. He owned this organ many, many years ago and recorded the samples to a tape using a Sony tape deck, just before he got rid of the organ. He sampled it for use with his Emu Emax and only made a limited range of samples due to his emax sampler having limited memory(hence the small sample size of this Kontakt instrument). Despite the small sample size, I think it has plenty of vibe to it, in a gothic Dr. Phibes, kind of way. It reminds me of A Clockwork Orange for some weird reason.

What I loved about making this, is the samples are literally decades and decades old, and the whole thing only came about because he found the tape of samples by chance, decades after he made the tape. He asked if I would be interested in making some kind of Organ from them, so we pieced it all together and Anders Hedstrom(AKA flavours of Lime) donated the graphics for it.

So, we all chipped in and resurrected a working instrument from an old cassette tape. I must say, Organs are not really my thing(probably because I cannot play one), but I think this has a interesting sound and history to it.



  • Tape-based multi sampled organ based on the Hammond Extravoice
  • Includes Kontakt presets and multis



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