releases BOSS DR-110 free sample library (Kontakt & SFZ)


Developer: has announced the release of Da Real 110, a free sample library which emulates the Boss Doctor Rhythm DR-110 drum machine.

Da Real 110 is an extensive BOSS® DR-110™ sample library that accurately reproduces the sounds of the drum machine’s synthesized instruments.

It serves as a MIDI-enabled, reliable replacement for the original instrument.

The Kontakt version requires Kontakt version 5 or above.


  • High quality recording and meticulous selection, alignment and arrangement of each one of the samples
  • 8 bass drum, 35 snare, 38 hand clap, 25 cymbal, 54 closed hihat, and 39 open hihat round-robin samples
  • Pitch tuning, ADSR envelope, panning control and volume control. Custom effects and UI not included.



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