SampleScience releases SpecDrums drum machine plugin (VST/AU)


Developer: SampleScience

specdrumsSampleScience has released SpecDrums, a plugin based on the sounds of the SpecDrum, a drum machine add-on for the ZX Spectrum computer.

This add-on would give the venerable ZX Spectrum the ability to program rhythms using 8 different drum sounds sampled at 8-bit. At the time, to get more sounds, you would buy additional drum kits on data cassettes. Three Drum Kit cassettes were available: the Electro Kit for Simmons drum sounds and the Afro and Latin Kits for ethnic flavored percussion.

All these Kits are included in SpecDrums, the first virtual plugin incarnation of this technological relic.



  • Drum Kits:
    • 01 SpecDrums
    • 02 Electro Kit
    • 03 Afro Kit
    • 04 Latin Kit



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