SoundMorph announces Matter Mayhem Kontakt library (pre-sale offer)


Developer: SoundMorph

matter-mayhemSoundMorph has announced a pre-sale for its upcoming Matter Mayhem Kontakt library, offering it for only $99 (regular price will be $149 once it’s released).

Matter Mayhem is one of our largest productions ever, and contains all of the debris and destruction you could ever dream of as a sound designer. But we didn’t stop there.

We also included bomb blasts, structure explosions, multiple perspectives, multiple materials, sweeteners, and tons of source recordings. If chaos is what you need, then SoundMorph has got you covered with this incredibly detailed and complete collection of Matter Mayhem!

The making-of Matter Mayhem video:


  • Big Blow Ups – Stoney Structures
  • Big Blow Ups – Wood Structures
  • Near, Mid, and Far Perspectives
  • Bomb Blasts
  • Blow Ups – Stone, Pebble, Metal, Wood
  • Debris – Stone, Wood, Glass, Plastic
  • Collapses
  • Scaffold Impacts
  • Whoosh Objects
  • Designed Debris
  • First Person Debris
  • Metal Objects


One week only pre-sale $99 (save $50!) regular $149

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