Sound Dust launches Pendleonium³ with introductory offer


Developer: Sound Dust

pendleonium3Sound Dust has announced the release of Pendleonium³, a 1.3GB hybrid sample library for Kontakt 5.

Pendleonium³ is a hybrid sample instrument made from odd guitars, valves, tape echo and spring reverb. It excels at creating complex sounds, pianos, strings, smooth synth-like pads, rumbles, and unfathomable noises.

At lower registers the Pendleonium³ can produce seismic movement and deep rich textures. In high registers it can be configured to produce sounds like ripples passing through mercury.

To celebrate the release there is a 20% off intro offer until 9th October, 2016.



  • Baritone Guitar x 2 – amped through custom Laney VC15 valve amp – 2 articulations clean plucked and edgy plucked – 4 velocity layers.
  • Tape Baritone Guitar – recorded wet through Roland Chorus Echo RE501 with lots of the analogue chorus.
  • Fernades Sustainer Infinite Guitar x2 -amped through custom Laney VC15 valve amp – 2 articulations clean plucked and edgy plucked – endlessly looped.
  • Spring Viola -miced and pushed completely wet through a noisey Vermona RetroVerb spring reverb.
  • 700 24-bit mono samples = 1.3GB with Native Instruments propriety compression.
  • Sample start and loop length control per instrument (except infinite guitars).
  • BPM synced pan and volume modulation per instrument.
  • BPM synced vibrato and chorus per instrument.
  • 24 custom convolution reverbs per instrument.
  • 4 fully controllable insert effects – dirt, eq, rotor and master algorithmic reverb.
  • 2 fully controllable send effects – delay and algorithmic reverb.
  • Keyboard Velocity and Round Robin modelling page.
  • 45 instrument snapshots.
  • Handy build in instructions in RTFM page.


£30 (£24 with discount)

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