Snow Audio releases Chords for Cthulhu


Developer: Snow Audio

s-a-chordsSnow Audio has announced the release of Chords for Cthulhu, a repository of 3500 chords for Xfer Records MIDI chord and arp module.

Arranged in progressions and loosely sorted by key, the use of Chords is designed to:

  • Inspire song ideas
  • Escape same old playing patterns
  • Provide easy harmony access for non-keyboard players
  • Allow for effortless experimentation

Simply route Cthulhu to output to your synth of choice, load up to 100 chords a time from one of the 35 presets banks, and add instant one finger harmonies to any project.

Chords for Cthulhu is by no means a definitive collection of chords or progressions. Much like placing a needle on a record, or taking a bite from a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get, and therein lies the fun.



  • 35 Cthulhu .fxp files
  • Installation PDF



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