Slate Digital releases The Monster free extreme dynamic processor (iLOK2 required)


Developer: Slate Digital

slate-digital-the_monsterSlate Digital has releases The Monster, a free extreme dynamic processor plugin for Mac and Windows.

The Monster emulates the classic “all buttons in” extreme compression sound of the vintage FET limiter hardware. The “all buttons in” effect can be pretty extreme, so we added a few very cool additional features that make this processor more versatile, more creative, and more useful.

And best of all, you can download the Virtual Mix Rack which includes The Monster by clicking the orange “Download For Free” button on the top right of this page. Your license will never expire and you read that right… The Monster is completely FREE!



  • High Frequency Detection, increases the amount of high frequencies into the compression, allowing the compression to react more dramatically to high frequencies making the top end smooth.
  • Variable High-Pass Filter gives you control of your lows to make tracks sound bigger and more punchy, having an almost opposite effect of the High Frequency Detection. If you want even more of that Punch, there’s a button called “Punch” for getting that sound.
  • And of course we’ve included a Mix wet/dry knob, which blends the wet and dry effects allowing for the perfect blend of compression and original dry tone.


Free (iLOK2 required)

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