In Session Audio intros Fluid Strike: Tuned Percussion for Kontakt 5


Developer: In Session Audio

fluid-strike-compositeIn Session Audio has released Fluid Strike, a new Kontakt instrument designed to create richly layered melodic percussive patterns with ease.

The library places samples from 30 acoustic tuned percussion instruments with 120 synth sounds into the Triple Play engine: a custom designed interface that allows users to independently arpeggiate, effect and shape three instruments at one time.

Wood, steel, stone, bamboo, glass, gourds and synths combine into 200 patches that cover Natural, Hybrid, Pulse, Pad, Solo, Sequenced and Ambient categories.
With a slew of effects, sound shaping tools and autoplay rhythmic and melodic features at your fingertips, Fluid Strike allows tuned percussion to sound completely unique.



  • 30 tuned percussive instruments.
  • 120 custom made synth sets.
  • Where possible, each instrument has been recorded using a variety of sticks, mallets, fingers, brushes and bows, bringing the tuned percussion sample set count to 63.
  • Most instruments feature many velocity layers and triple round robin cycling for natural variation.
  • To improve playability all instruments have been stretched across the entire keyboard range.
  • Fluid Strike contains 200 patches split into seven categories:
    • Triple Play Arps – Natural (36).
    • Triple Play Arps – Hybrid (36).
    • Rhythmic Pulses w Mod Wheel (24).
    • Solo (24).
    • Pads (24).
    • Ambient (24).
    • Sequences (24).
  • 71 custom reverb impulse responses.
  • 12 custom amp cabinet impulse responses.
  • 64 custom fx unit presets.
  • Triple Play rhythm grids can modify up to 15 parameters simultaneously (arp, pitch, filter cutoff, volume and pan x 3).
  • The Triple Play engine supports up to 22 user-selected Kontakt effects at once, plus an additional three filters, three send delays and three send reverbs, for a total of 31 (.) simultaneous effects.


Introductory price of $179.99 through Sunday, September 25, 2016 (regular price is $249.99)

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