SampleScience releases Thales Model I virtual instrument


Developer: SampleScience

thales-model-iSampleScience has released Thales Model I, a vintage computer sound module for Windows and Mac.

Thales Model I is a virtual plugin for Windows VST (32bit & 64bit), Mac OS X VST and AU. In order to use it you need a virtual DAW that can host VST and/or AU plugins such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, Reapers, Presonus Studio One, Renoise among many others. The instrument features the tones generated by early sixties computer.

The sounds have been sourced in public domain films, which means that they are not clean: tape noises and background hisses are part of the sound of this very special rompler. Because of this, Thales Model I’s tone is reminiscent of the mellotron and other tape based keyboards of the sixties.



£6.99 (free fully functional version available)

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