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Developer: Singomakers

1000s500_tzTrap Zombies sample pack is a collection of sounds inspired by artists like Baauer, Diplo, Flosstradamus, RL Grime, Luminox, Dj Snake, Rustie etc. We all know that trap is the music headline these days, so we thought an overview of Trap Zombies by Singomakers will help us stay in trends.

At first sight, with its predominant chemical green art cover, Trap Zombies looks scary, I mean- promising. But let’s see what’s inside, the sound is our interest.

What’s in the pack:

A suite of frenetic loops recorded at 140 and 150 beats per minute. Back loops (back from background?!), there are 100 of them, basically squashed synths, scary melodic percusions, stereoized ambiances, distorted leads, counting percussion hits, syncopated rhythms, repetitive psycho effects and more. Scary? Yes, a lot 🙂

Get some broken instruments and some crazy synthesizers, play them like evil. The result should be the melody loops. Wow, so melodic! But, wrooooong! I can imagine a man with one arm and a quartet of skeletons playing them. But I like them! The Trap Circus in back in town!

The soothing drums are the perfect companion of these sounds. Fat and meaty bass drums, perfect grooves, lazy snares. They range from fast and intrusive to slow and imminent. Swag? Yesss!

You can not miss the vocals. Designed on same apocalyptic pattern- repetitive and destroyed shouts, filtered chants, robotic vowel voice effects, pitched melodies and much much more.

Trap Zombies sample pack includes also a wide collection of one shot sounds: stabs, 808s (kicks, claps, snares, percussions etc), SFX. Enough material to design your Apocalypse.

Content breakdown:

  • Loops:
    • STz Back Loops 140 bpm (50)
    • STz Back Loops 150 bpm (50)
    • STz Drum Loops 140 bpm (30)
    • STz Drum Loops 150 bpm (50)
    • STz Melody Loops 150 bpm (34)
    • STz Vocal FX Loops 140 bpm (30)
  • One Shots:
    • STz FX (33)
    • STz One Shots:
      • STz One Shot 808:
        • STz Bongo (12)
        • STz Clap (10)
        • STz Clave (12)
        • STz Cowbell (12)
        • STz Hat (5)
        • STz Kick (5)
        • STz Maracas (5)
        • STz Rim (12)
        • STz Snare (10)
        • STz Sub Kick (24)
        • STz Tom (12)
      • STz One Shot FX (40)
    • STz Stabz:
      • STz Brass Stab (24)
      • STz Piano Stab (12)
    • BONUS: STz Vocal FX Loops 140 bpm (30)


To buy or not to buy?

Definitely yes! For its blend of synthetic and organic, granular feel, booming drums, surprise factor. For its audio quality and content. Trap Zombie is not “just another trap sample pack”. Is more, a vision!

Our rating:


SALE: £13.97

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