Reveal Sound releases free Spire factory bank by Function Loops


Developer: Function Loops

free-spire-bank-flReveal Sound has launched a free factory bank for Spire softsynth.

Spire’s new Mod controllers (those 4 big new knobs on the left side) are fully utilized and have assigned cool sound-shaping parameters to all the presets, so each sound now has a few of those (plus the modulation wheel) assigned all the time!

On a mission to kill that prejudice in people that Spire can sound only one way, there are all kinds of presets in there, spanning many genres, from modern to classic.

The first preset is called “Welcome 2Spire” and it’s a powerful lead sound, perfectly representing Spire’s powerful character. Bass sounds come in many flavors, from house, club to psy with some classic synth recreations as well. Synth presets also cover many genres, from house, deep and future to 80s and dub techno! The Keys are deep and playable. A lot of nice plucks, from trance, future, deep to tropical. Also some house and techno chords, lush pads and cool effects.

The free Spire Factory Bank 2016 by Function Loops is available for instant download at Reveal Sound.



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