Rattly & Raw releases The 1st Batch Amalgamation – organic sound layering/creation instrument for Kontakt


Developer: Rattly & Raw

5657419Rattly & Raw has announced the release of The 1st Batch Amalgamation, a Kontakt library combining its first four packs into a “simple to use, RAM-efficient four simultaneous channel, tweakable monster of an instrument”.

“What’s new?”, you may be pondering. Here’s the skinny:

We’ve put everything in one place. No more loading of different instances across a session in order to get the sounds that you want. This four channel beast lets you load any one of the first four packs (1st Incarnation, Marxophone, Cold War Listening Station and Student Vibraphone) into any of the four slots and combine and process them with global effects as well as tweak ‘em stupid with individual channel controls!

With over 60 instruments crammed into this one device and the ability to combine them in anyway your like, you can really go nuts making your own organic masterpieces!



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