Prime Loops releases Ultimate Synth Drums by Audiotent

ultimate-synth-drums-PRIME LOOPS-audiotent-ultimate-synth-drums-_at023_

Developer: Audiotent

ultimate-synth-drums-PRIME LOOPS-audiotent-ultimate-synth-drums-_at023_Prime Loops has announced the release of Ultimate Synth Drums, a new sample pack by Audiotent, featuring 250 unique drum one-shot samples made from scratch from a variety of synthesizers.

One of the problems Audiotent found with the majority of sample packs is the amount of over processed and re-sampled sounds. To combat this they decided to create every single hit using a number of different synthesisers. Using this technique they were able to create drum hits that are unique and raw. The pack includes tuned kicks, tuned snares, tuned percussion, claps & snares.

Having your drum samples playing in the same key of your track is vital. This will make your drums more cohesive and require less post processing to fit in the mix.

Ultimate synth drums is a huge library containing over 250 individual hits. Spanning across five folders, including Kicks, Claps, Hats, Percs & Snares. Perfect for every genre whether you produce House, Hip Hop, Techno or Drum & Bass.



  • 50 x Kick Drum one-shots
  • 50 x Snare Drum one-shots
  • 50 x Clap one-shots
  • 50 x Hi-Hat one-shots
  • 50 x Percussion one-shots
  • 24 bit WAV
  • 54.9MB (Unzipped)



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