Prime Loops intros Hard & Epic EDM sample pack by Alpha Waves


Developer: Alpha Waves

hard-epic-edmPrime Loops has released Hard & Epic EDM, a new sample pack by Alpha Waves featuring 469MB of basses, synths, drum loops, FX and drum one shots.

Fresh out of the Alpha Waves Studios is the slamming new sample pack ‘Hard & Epic EDM’! This selection of tough and upfront beats is perfect for any producer looking to make a big impact with the crowd. You are guaranteed to make a splash with this feast of EDM Drums, Bass, Synth and FX!

If you like your Basslines to growl and snarl then you’ve come to the right place! Open up the Bass Loops folder and you’ll find an excellent selection of thunderous Basslines. Samples like the ‘Bionic Bass’ and the ‘After Shock Bass’, are perfect for rocking late night EDM Dancefloors!

The Drum sounds are split up into a variety of samples, including; Build ups, Kick & Snare Loops and Full Drum Loops that are built for club use. Acting as the perfect complement to the Basslines, the Drum Loops serve up some serious heavyweight sounds. The combination of beefed up Clap-Snares and punchy 909 Kicks is ideal. These drums will sit alongside your Hard EDM Basslines with complete ease.

Don’t forget to check out the Synth Hits and Loops! These adrenaline fuelled leads are absolutely bursting with energy and spark! Harmonically rich and full of atmosphere, these dramatic sounds are ready to ring out across stadium crowds, causing Dancefloor mayhem! But if you’re also looking for some mellow contrast, you will not have to look too far – Sounds like the ‘Concept Synth’ are perfect for those tranquil moments of EDM euphoria and absolutely ideal for use in breakdowns.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, we’ve also thrown in a massive chunk of One Shots and FX! Whether you’re looking for White Noise Risers, Bass One Shots or good old fashioned FX Hits, this selection of sounds will have you covered! So check out Hard EDM and get your fill of this fantastic library, presented in 24 Bit Wav Quality. All of the sounds are also 100% Royalty Free, so don’t hold back! Come and get your slice of this high energy EDM Action!


  • 19 x Synth Loops
  • 26 x Bass Loops
  • 33 x Bass/Synth One Shots
  • 43 x Drum Loops
  • 10 x Drum Build Ups
  • 40 x Drum One Shots
  • 37 x FX Samples
  • 128Bpm
  • 469MB
  • 24 Bit Audio Quality



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