Premier Sound Bank releases Glitch Hop Superpack by Next Access Level Audio


Developer: Next Access Level Audio

glitch-hop-superpackPremier Sound Bank has released Glitch Hop Superpack, a new sample pack by Next Access Level Audio label.

Next Access Level Audio, or N.A.L.A, is the newest label to join us at Premier Sound Bank and is delivering so many top-notch sounds with their Glitch Hop Superpack. Coming out of Melbourne, Australia, Next Access Level Audio is bringing a diversified suite of Loops, Samples and Sound FX with their debut pack for Premier Sound Bank.

Glitch Hop Superpack brings fresh and original sounds in a time that needs it most. By combining a mix of of Synths, Drums, Sound FX and even some Guitar samples, it’s got everything you’ll need to start bringing out unique, original and forward-looking Glitch Hop tracks.




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