PlugInGuru launches MegaMagic Dreams sample library (WAV & Kontakt 5)


Developer: PlugInGuru

megamagic-dreamsPlugInGuru has announced the release of MegaMagic Dreams, a sample library (WAV & Kontakt 5) featuring 102 high quality sample based patches where the 12 second long reverb and other sound design processing is recorded into the samples.

Take a beautiful single note – now feed that note into a dizzying array of effects including huge 10+ second reverbs and bounce that sound down to a single sample. Now, map that single sample across the entire keyboard and you have a totally new instruments that, while it doesn’t sound like instrument, instead something MAGICAL happens and they sound unique, and are a new instrument unto themselves. That my friends was the concept behind this library and I’m thrilled with how it has turned out!

The core of the library is a folder with 104 samples. The number of patches varies because some of the plug-ins don’t support velocity switching samples or sample zones. Every library has over 100 presets that map these samples across the keyboard so that you can play them and the sound that comes out of your speakers will lift your heart and inspire you!



  • Kontakt 5: 163 Patches (includes the 53 custom Signature patches)
  • Serum: 102 Patches
  • Iris 2: 108 Patches
  • EXS24: 109 Patches


  • Kontakt 5 version retails for $59 but is on sale thru May 1st for $54.95.
  • WAV version retails for $59 but is on sale thru May 1st for $54.95.
  • MegaMagic Dreams BUNDLE contains both WAV and Kontakt5 versions – retails for $110.00 and is on sale thru May 1st for $99.

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