Plugin Boutique announces Photosounder Introductory Exclusive Sale 30% off


Developer: Photosounder

photosounder-salePlugin Boutique has announced the Photosounder Introductory Exclusive Sale, offering 30% off on Photosounder and SplineEQ plugins.

We are very happy to announce the launch of Photosounder on Plugin Boutique with a 30% introductory sale.

Every sound you’ve ever heard can be represented as an image and all possible sounds can be made from an image. Only Photosounder truly allows you to transform any sound as an image and to create any possible sound from an image.

SplineEQ is a linear phase equalizer plugin. Designed to be simple and flexible, SplineEQ allows you to create filters using Bézier splines, the best known way to design curves.


30% off

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