Plughugger presents Supersaw EDM for Omnisphere 2


Developer: Plughugger

supersaw-edmPlughugger has introduced its Supersaw EDM, a new soundset for Omnisphere 2 featuring supersaw waveforms from six different synthesizers.

Supersaw EDM is the third and last soundset in Plughugger’s EDM series, and it takes a step backward to the root of all modern EDM genres: The Supersaw.

Invented by Roland 1996, this waveform lays the foundation for genres such as trance, EDM, electro and all modern house variations.

For this soundset we recorded supersaw waveforms from six different synthesizers: Virus TI, KingKorg, Roland System-1, Novation Ultranova (we actually recorded the ultra-rare MoroderNova for this project), plus two really nice supersaws from the Sonic Core Scope DSP modular environment: Flexor and Pi2525. As a seventh category we took six of our favourite samples and processed them further before tossing them back into Omnisphere again.

Each synthesizer come in six variations (except for the Flexor supersaw), which gives a total of 37 new soundsources for Omnisphere. We made sure we recorded all unique features, such as cross modulation and modern variations such as supersquare and supertriangle waveforms.

Supersaw EDM contains 150 new sounds that have been sorted into four main categories: arpeggios, bass sounds, leads/plucks and pads.


Until October 9th, 2016, this soundset can be bought for €9.90 instead of the regular price €14.90. Use the coupon code SUPERSAWEDM at the checkout to receive the discount.

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