Piotr Nowotnik releases free Laotian reed instrument for Kontakt


Developer: Piotr Nowotnik

tsaaj-ltPiotr Nowotnik has announced today on Sampleism the release of Tsaaj LT, a free Laotian reed instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Tsaaj Nplaim is a rare instrument in the West however a one of the most iconic sound of Laos and SE Asia. Its sound comes from a small brass reed which is common to other instruments of the region, such as Chinese Ba-wu – also harmonica.

This FREE library features two patches:

– Legato SIPS – featuring SIPS LEGATO script by Big Bob (RIP!) and true vibrato samples
– Polyphonic – sampled across the keyboard for more experimental approach to its sound

This library is a free sample of my next release – TSAAJ – which will include true staccato, tempo-synced phrase library and other unique sounds of Tsaaj Nplaim!




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