New VSTBuzz deal: 75% off Studio Box III by Best Service!


Developer: Best Service

300-9VSTBuzz has announced 75% off Studio Box Mark III, a huge 30GB sample library by Best Service, featuring 10,000 state-of-the-art sound effects surroundings and ambiences created by leading foley artists and sound designers.

Studio Box Mark III is the perfect tool for film, TV and video games, having sounds in the following categories: Nature, Human, Technical and Cinema & Game.

Volume 1 – Nature

A massive range of sounds in this category including Wind, storm, rain, hail, thunder, fire, water (coast, river, lake, drops, splash, underwater recordings), country and village scenes with birds, crickets and cicadas and more animals (frogs, chickens, cows, dogs, cats, horse, pig, sheep, sea animals).

Volume 2 – Humanity

Cafe and restaurants (indoor/outdoor), solo and crowd laughter, applause, footsteps, voices, doors being opened, shut and locked, children playing, church bells, fireworks. Announcements on airports and train stations. Sport-related sounds, with everything from baseball to wrestling: balls being beaten and kicked, karate, fencing, billiard, tennis and gymnastics. Single shots and stadion ambiences.

Volume 3 – Technical

Planes, trains and automobiles! From internal and external airplane sounds, to every type of automobile sound (cars, traffic, jeeps, snowmobiles, crashes, motoracing, parking and garages). Electrical and machine noises, hair dressers, subway, vending machines, guns, helicopters, phones, shipyards and so more, there is boatlads (pardon the pun) in this category!

Volume 4 – Cinema & Game Sounds & FX

A huge range of sounds to cover your cinema and video game sound design needs. From alarm buzzers, blasts and cartoon sound FX (impacts, instruments, voices, FX etc.) to fighting (body, swords) and guns (shotguns, machineguns, handguns, automatic guns).


75% off ~ €99.99/ real value €399

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