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music-contractsFeaturing over 30 new publishing, production, & management music contract templates drafted by Hollywood music attorneys, ModernBeats releases its 3-volume collection of PDF music contracts for modern musicians.

All music contracts are provided as “fill in blank” templates allowing musicians to customize each recording agreement to their specific situation. Spanning 3 volumes, all aspects of music contracts and music industry agreements are covered: Music Producer Contracts (Vol 1) Music Manager Contracts (Vol 2), & Music Publishing Contracts (Vol 3). A list of specific contract types included is provided below:

  • Music Producer / Artist Production Contracts
  • Music Producer / Record Company Contracts
  • Music Publishing Contracts
  • Music Co-Publishing Contracts
  • Music Copyright Assignment
  • Music Agency Contract
  • Artist / Producer Development Contract
  • Artist / Manager Contract
  • Artist / Manager Royalty Agreement
  • Artist / Publicist Contract
  • Artist / Sponsorship Contract
  • Master Use License Agreement
  • Mechanical License Contract
  • Synchronization License Contract
  • Songwriter Contract
  • Three Work-For-Hire Contracts: Arrangers, Vocalists, Musicians
  • Radio Release Agreement
  • Record Recording Contract
  • Booking Agreement (Comprehensive)
  • Booking Agreement (Sales-Based)
  • Band Partnership Contract
  • Bonus Report – Starting Your Own Publishing Company


Starting at $20.96

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