Matthieu Brucher releases ATKStereoCompressor free plugin


Developer: Matthieu Brucher

ATKStereoCompressorMatthieu Brucher has released ATKStereoCompressor, a free compressor effect plugin for Windows and OS X.

I’m happy to announce the release of a stereo compressor based on the Audio Toolkit. It is available on Windows and OS X (min. 10.8) in different formats.

This stereo compressor can work on two channels, left/right or middle/side, possibly in linked mode (only one set of parameters), and can be set up to mix the input signal with the compressed signal (serial/parallel compression).


  • VST2 (32bits/64bits on Windows, 64bits on OS X)
  • VST3 (32bits/64bits on Windows, 64bits on OS X)
  • Audio Unit (64bits, OS X)



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