Klevgränd Undertoner free iOS app re-writes the music to fit your film


Developer: Klevgränd

undertonerKlevgränd has released Undertoner, a free iOS app for amateur film makers, which re-writes the music to fit each storyline.

When adding music to a film, the music track is like a parallel storyline that can boost the main story. It can also be used to create a completely different story than what’s being told without the music. And it can lift important details that otherwise would just pass by unnoticed. It’s all about finding the right timings!

About a year ago we started to work on a new concept that would let anyone do just this: add music that adapts to their videos, to fit & enhance the storyline perfectly. Today, we’re releasing Undertoner, an app that lets you put music to your films, choose between different musical themes, pin-pointing a dramatic climax, adding sound effects and choose among alternative musical endings.




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