iZotope releases free Ozone 6 mastering presets by Greg Calbi


Developer: iZotope

greg-calbiiZotope has released Greg Calbi Mastering Presets for Ozone, a free expansion pack for iZotope Ozone 6.

With over 7,500 albums under his belt, Greg Calbi (Senior Mastering Engineer at Sterling Sound) is an accomplished mastering engineer like few others. iZotope has teamed up with Greg to offer presets designed and used by Calbi on a daily basis. Built for users of Ozone 6, each preset is crafted to achieve a certain sonic goal, and is designed to be a solid jumping off point for mastering. Auditioning each preset at the beginning of your mastering session can be a great way to quickly sample different aesthetic possibilities and decide on the direction to take your master.

In order to get the best results from these presets, you’ll need to take some care setting the incoming level of your mix. The presets expect an ‘average’ (sometimes referred to as RMS) input level of about -16 dBFS, give or take 4 dB. Adjust the input slider to Ozone while watching the plug-in meters within Ozone. You’ll notice that there are two meter readings shown. The very highest level shown is the peak (instantaneous) level. The level that is slightly lower is the average level. Use -16 dBFS as a target, and adjust the input level up and down by a few dB while listening through Ozone until you like what you hear.




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