Karoryfer Samples releases Ironface free Plogue Sforzando sample library


Developer: Karoryfer Samples

ironfaceKaroryfer Samples has announced the launch of Ironface, a free sample library for Plogue Sforzando, combining samples of a bowed double bass with synthesizer-style controls.

Instead of trying to accurately recreate the sound of a double bass, Ironface is instead designed to be an anachronistic combination of acoustic bowed sounds, large numbers of unison voices per note like one might find in a modern digital synth, and controls typical of simple analog synths.

It can produce warm and organic versions of many classic sounds, from resonant bass plucks to string machines.



  • Selectable number of unison voices – 1, 3, 5, 7 or 17.
  • Two selectable sets of samples.
  • Randomized sample playback start points and phase relationships between voices.
  • All samples looped for infinite sustain.
  • Detune and width controls.
  • Vibrato speed and depth.
  • AHDSR volume envelope.
  • Resonant low-pass filter.
  • Filter envelope with depth, attack and decay controls.
  • All controls accessible from the GUI and mapped to MIDI CC.
  • 20 presets including string sounds, basses, pads, plucks and an organ.
  • 22.9 MB download size.



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