IK Multimedia releases new instrument collections for SampleTank 2 for iOS


Developer: IK Multimedia

sampletank-iosIK Multimedia has announced new instrument collections now available in the newest release of SampleTank 2 for iOS — American Acoustic, Billy Cobham Drums and Elektronika Indie Dance.

Each new collection for iOS is derived from the SampleTank 3 for Mac/PC instrument collections and contain multiple instruments and patterns for the utmost in mobile music creation. Creators of dance tracks can check out the new Elektronika Indie Dance collection. Each collection is now available for in-app purchase inside of SampleTank 2 for iOS.

American Acoustic — $/€19.99 – American Acoustic is a library of acoustic guitar sounds, with a selection of instruments that cover flat picking, fingerstyle, strumming and beyond. Derived from the SampleTank 3 for Mac/PC American Acoustic instrument collection, it is designed to feature the warmth, detail and nuance of a popular American-made acoustic guitars and comes with 51 instruments and over 817MB of sound content.

Billy Cobham Drums — $/€9.99 – Billy Cobham Drums includes over 500 MB of 20 meticulously recorded drum instruments that include audio grooves played by Billy Cobham, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Miles Davis drummer whose performances continue to inspire generations of musicians both old and new.

Elektronika Indie Dance — $/€9.99 – Elektronika Indie Dance is a neon-hued collection of upbeat rhythms, glittering melodies and more that will help you make that next fun party anthem. And with 32 groove construction kit instruments, you’ll have a full and totally fun sound palette to choose from.

SampleTank 2 for iOS is a sample-based virtual instrument that gives a user access to thousands of sounds from multiple categories of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. Load up to 8 simultaneous parts from a selection of 140 included instruments in 16 categories like piano, drums, bass, guitar, strings, keyboards, synths, organs and more. The instruments can be played in a live setting or when composing with the device interface, an external keyboard or pads controller.


$19.99 from the App Store. Additional instrument collections are available for in-app purchase starting at just $/€5.99

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