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Developer: UVI

uvi-digital-synsationsUVI is offering (again) its Digital SynthSations for free until July 24th. Digital SynthSations is a collection of 4 classic keyboards from the 90’s, with over 500 patches expertly programmed.

The possibilities with a few of these classics was more than we could bear and became the inspiration for our new project, Digital Synsations. We took 4 classic keyboards from the era and set our sound designers loose, tasking them to return with boundary-pushing sounds‚ and they did. Digital Synsations includes over 500 patches expertly programmed on fully restored hardware‚ used by many of the greats including Depeche Mode, The Cure, Pet Shop Boys, Vangelis, Brian Eno, Toto, 808 State, Jean Michel Jarre and more.

We deeply multi-sampled these custom patches using top-shelf equipment and edited them to perfection before sending them off for professional mastering. These sonics became the foundation for our new hybrid instrument and combined with the UVI Engine give you the true character of these classic synths with all of the peculiarities and programming by products intact. Not only that but you get them in an extremely easy to use and fast to edit environment complete with all the features you expect from a modern virtual instrument.

Visit the Digital Synsations page, add the product to the cart and use the voucher code UMPG-FREEDS. Enjoy!



  • Size : 10 GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 23.5 GB in WAV)
  • Collection : A collection of 4 classic keyboards from the 90s
  • Content : 501 presets, 18,988 samples
  • Sample Resolution : 44.1 kHz. Recording at 96 kHz.


€199/Get it for FREE until July 24th, 2016 – use code UMPG-FREEDS

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