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Brazilian Bundle - 300

Developer: Muletone Audio

Brazilian Bundle - 300VSTBuzz has announced 75% off Brazilian Bundle, a Kontakt library by Muletone Audio featuring 6 instruments from Brazil.

The “Brazilian Bundle” consists of 6 instruments from Brazil, recorded by Muletone Audio with a unique focus in their playability and their musical language:

-The Cuíca
-The Pandeiro
-The Surdo
-The Tamborim
-The Timbal
-The Grand Glass Marimba

Each instrument was explored in minute detail, with everything being recorded in sparkling 44.1Khz / 24Bit stereo compressed .ncw format (FULL version of Kontakt 5.5 required) to capture every nuance of performance.

Unlike others libraries the Brazilian Series brings a real depth and perspective of Brazil’s instruments, respecting their individual characteristics and the rich musical history of Brazilian culture!



  • Absolute no-brainer at 75% off the normal price (normally €82.67)!
  • Six unique instruments that explore the richness of Brazilian musical culture like never before!
  • Each instrument is recorded with a dry ambience preserving the real character of the instrument.
  • Use the built-in convolution reverb and create a perfect environment.
  • Fully Dynamic – from the slightest touch to the strongest attack, providing more freedom to create dynamic rhythms and beats.
  • Pristine audio in 44.1Khz / 24Bit stereo compressed .ncw format.
  • Recorded using Sennheiser MD 441U and Shure SM81 mics, with Apogee converters and preamps.
  • System specs – PC 2.0Ghz+, 2GB ram, MAC 2.0Ghz, 2GB ram
  • Full version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher is required.
  • Perfect for underscore, pop, rock,  jazz music and much more!


€19.99 (75% off, regular price €78.9)

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