Francis Preve releases Free DSI Pro-2 Instruments free Ableton Live pack


Developer: Francis Preve

pro2Francis Preve has released Free DSI Pro-2 Instruments, a free Ableton Live pack featuring 8 Simpler patches recorded from the Dave Smith Instruments Pro-2 synthesizer.

As a bonus for the release of my new EP – Weeble – I’ve put together a collection of Simpler patches from one of the synths I used on the EP, the Dave Smith Instruments Pro-2

For those who aren’t up to speed on the Pro-2, it’s Dave’s latest monophonic synthesizer, based on the Prophet 12 architecture – but with new features like paraphonic mode, an Oberheim SEM style state-variable filter, and loads of modulation amenities. Here’s my full review for Keyboard Magazine.

Several of the patches are based on existing Pro-2 presets, a few are heavily tweaked.



  • Big Room Reese – That classic bass sound we all know and love.
  • House Chord – Square wave chord with resonant filter envelope.
  • Sheet Metal – Giant metallic hit that really shows off the Pro-2’s cross-mod power.
  • Knarly Voice – Sounds a bit like a distorted sitar.
  • MiniFunk – A variation on one of the synth elements in “Oooh.”
  • ProWhat – Pro-2 preset that nails the big Prophet sound.
  • Woodie – Percussion sound with a touch of wobble.
  • Sub Oct Bass – Can be used as a pluck or a bass, depending on the octave range.



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