FluffyAudio intros Simple Flute free Kontakt instrument

FREE Simple Flute Kontakt instrument by Fluffy Audio

Developer: FluffyAudio

simple-fluteFluffyAudio has announced the launch of Simple Flute, a free instrument for Kontakt 4.2.4 or above.

Powered by a customized version of WIPS Scripts (with the given permission of customizing it by its author Robert D. Villwock), Simple Flute is just a simple well-sounding flute for Kontakt. Thanks to the scripting engine and the sampling method used, they’ve realized a very playable instrument, which can be played at any tempos, has a controllable amount of vibrato, three phase locked dynamic layers, legato control, two (long and short) articulations, 3 Round Robin for the short articulations, micro tuning presets and a wide selection of impulse reverb presets.

Simple Flute enables the user to play with breath and wind controllers, has a keyswitching ability to change to the desired articulation and features a smooth crossfading between the three dynamic layers. Moreover Simple Flute can perform realistic trills and grace notes.



  • 55 MB Sample library (compressed in Kontakt’s NCW Format)
  • 130 Samples (44Khz/24Bit)
  • Synthesized legato engine
  • 3 Wheel Controlled Smooth Dynamic Layers
  • 3 Round Robins for Short Articulations
  • 16 unique Convolution IRs
  • BC Controller and Wind Controller enabled



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