All Flintpope paid-for Ableton Live & Push products are now free


Developer: Flintpope

flintpopeFlintpope has announced that all its products that were previously offered commercially are now free/donationware.

We at Flintpope have noticed that the free stuff on-site generates far more income than paid-for products (people donate more readily than BUY) so to celebrate this we’ve freed up EVERYTHING for ever.

This means Ableton Live owners can get 36 Pads, Chromaphone for Simpler, Ambient 64 for Push and Quintet for Push all free. Lucky Ableton Suite owners also get the amazingly dense Tensioncollision and Colliders packs too! So what are you waiting for? They are all available on our homepage – just to

Why not preview the new Flintpope Spotify EP here too?



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