Joey Sturgis Tones intros Finality Lite & Advanced limiter plugins


Developer: Joey Sturgis Tones

finalityJoey Sturgis Tones has announced the release of Finality, a limiter designed from the ground up to be both powerful and versatile.

Whether your source is very dynamic like drums and vocals, or more flat like distorted rhythm guitars and synth, Finality can be dialed to masterfully control peak and level dynamics in your mix.

  • Hard and soft modes will change the character of the transients
  • Aggro can alter the release envelope to be more favorable to drums.
  • Need a little edge? The color button can add helpful saturation to a signal.
  • There’s even a mix control to allow for parallel processing.
  • Anticipate and handle any unruly peaks with look ahead.
  • Utilize the sidechain to optimally react to low-end material
  • Auto gain automatically sets the make-up gain and can be switched off

Don’t be limited. Be versatile.



Introductory: $69 for Finality Advanced, $39 for Finality Lite/NOTE: Finality Advanced includes Finality Lite.

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