Equinox Sounds releases Hypnotic Trance MIDI Kits Vol 2


Developer: Equinox Sounds

hypnotic_trance_midi_kits_v2_500Equinox Sounds has released Hypnotic Trance MIDI Kits Vol 2, a collection featuring 55 emotional and chilled trance construction kits in MIDI format.

‘Hypnotic Trance MIDI Kits Vol 2’ includes 55 MIDI Construction Kits for creating deep and hypnotic Trance music such as Emotional Trance, Ambient Trance, Chill Trance and Dream Trance. Each Kit is provided with it’s component parts.

You’ll get MIDI loops featuring synth leads, basslines, epic piano melodies, flute melodies, plucks, ethereal pad melodies, etc. These MIDI melodies are great for Ambient and Chill Trance producers searching for some melodic inspiration.

As these Construction Kits are supplied in MIDI format, they will provide you with as much flexibility as possible. You can edit and transpose them, assign any sound you want and get your own and original melodic lines. The editing possibilities are endless as you can play the performances at any tempo or pitch without artefacts.

You can use these MIDI files as a jumping-off point to start your own track or base your production entirely around them as they are 100% royalty-free!




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