DUBturbo releases BASSturbo virtual instrument


Developer: DUBturbo

bassturboDUBturbo has released BASSturbo, a virtual instrument featuring bass tones, drum shots, FX, voxes, risers, falls, sweeteners, sirens, blips and more.

BASSturbo comes with a diverse setup of modern samples laid out across all 10 octaves of your keyboard in creative ways from kit to kit, and category of kits to category..

First octave features a set of DRUMS for the first 30 or so kits, then we move into other sounds ranging from ethnic drums, to quirks, to effects, to things that compliment the bass tone you’re on.

The last kit features a bonus section of ALL 10 octaves filled with effects, voxes, risers, falls, sweeteners, sirens, and other elements to give your tracks some emotion and rise/fall from section to section.

All in all it started as a bass tool, and grew into a full blown kit collection that allows you to romp out pretty much any modern genre fairly quickly right out of the box. Perfect for those that don’t want to tweak much just load a few instances and start creating things fast.

The bass tones are cherry picked (actually most of the sounds are) from our unreleased batch of 4,000 new sounds waiting on the dub4 build to be complete, so you’re getting a new batch of samples each time we release a new vsti/au from here on out.



  • Over 100 tweaked bass tones, 808’s, 909’s, stomps, kickbass’, etc.
  • Over 350 DRUMS lined up to make sense when you switch kits on your patterns.
  • Over 120 FX, Voxes, Risers, Falls, Sweeteners, Sirens, Blips, and more quirky stuff.
  • 50 or so surprises throughout either in kit or span format – we utilize all 10 octaves in creative ways.



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