Double Trouble Audio sets free Commodore 64 Percussion & SFX sample pack


Developer: Double Trouble Audio

Commodore-64-GFX-Template-2.1Double Trouble Audio has announced that its Commodore 64 Percussion & SFX sample pack is now free. The pack is featuring real Commodore 64 samples sampled from a HardSID.

Commodore 64 Percussion & SFX contains samples of:

90 kicks, 184 snares, 58 other percussion, 33 noises, 58 hats, 74 short FXs, 10 long FXs, 7 pitched PCM, 40 percussion PCM

With 2 clean versions, also including: 4 analog cassette deck, 4 analog tube distortion, 4 distressor (analog compressor), 4 analog tape machine at high speed, 4 analog tape machine at low speed variations of every sound at different drive levels/settings.

A total of 23132 unique samples!

All files are in wav 16 bit 44.1 kHz with both stereo and mono versions.



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