Django: Gypsy Jazz Guitar Kontakt library now available at Impact Soundworks


Developer: Impact Soundworks

dja1Impact Soundworks has released Django: Gypsy Jazz Guitar, a Kontakt library produced by Dimitris Plagiannis.

This virtual instrument collection is a tribute to the unique, timeless gypsy jazz musical style (also known as gypsy swing, hot club jazz, or jazz manouche.)

Featuring two distinct components (lead guitars, rhythm guitar), Django offers you the ability to create incredibly realistic and authentic solo and accompaniment parts. Not only was each instrument recorded with incredible depth and edited with meticulous care, but we also ensured that all the nuances, noises, and quirks of a live performer were captured.

It’s these noises and imperfections that truly breathe life into the library and make it sound so good even with minimal tweaking!

Django: Gypsy Jazz Guitar is a wonderful tool not just for gypsy swing: the expressive leads are just as well suited for modern jazz & swing, blues, pop, alternative, and much more.



  • Over 20,000 beautifully detailed samples
  • Two lead guitars: acoustic & electric DI
  • Acoustic rhythm guitar w/ individual strums, pattern builder
  • Elegant, beautiful and straightforward interface
  • Controllable fret, string & release noises
  • Leads: sustain, hammer-on/pull-off, glissando, harmonics, octaves, dirty notes, slides
  • Rhythm: 12 chord types in all 12 keys, multiple strum types (sustained, long, short, etc)
  • Leads: Easily tweak performance behavior (neck position preference, picking style…)
  • Virtual analog modeled FX rack included on all instruments


Django: Gypsy Jazz Guitar is available now as a digitally downloadable bundle for $149. Alternatively, you can pick up just the lead guitars for $99 or just the rhythm guitar for $79.

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