Detunized releases Schunda Cimbalom Budapest Live Pack & Universal Format library


Developer: Detunized

cimbalomDetunized has announced the release of Schunda Cimbalom Budapest, a new library available in Ableton Live and universal formats.

The Cimbalom is a chordophone composed of a trapezoidal box with metal strings stretched across its top. It is commonly found throughout the Balkan states and in 1890 it was proclaimed the national instrument of Hungary.

Both libraries – Live Pack and Universal Format – contain two chromatically sampled versions of a Schunda Cimbalom model from Budapest.

Included are a close-miked soft version with pronounced hits from the spoon-shaped felt hammers and a bright version that reveals the brilliance of the instrument. Both versions are based on velocity layered multi-sample sets recorded stereo from top with adjustable mono signal from the bottom.



  • Live Pack:
    • requires Live 8/9
    • 14 Instrument Racks
    • 1.2 GB
  • Universal Format:
    • compatible with many software sample players
    • contains 4×5 instrument patches (SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS, FXP)
    • 742 samples (24/48)
    • 1.2 GB



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