DCSI intros Imperfektor free dual band multi-effect for Reaktor


Developer: DCSI

imperfektorDCSI has announced the release of Imperfektor, a free dual band multi-effect for NI Reaktor.

The idea behind it is the concept of unpredictable audio variations, freely inspired by those “analogue imperfections” which in certain cases old audio hardware machines were producing when their internal components were malfunctioning.

Its main use is to add random audio imperfections to music performance based mostly on long synth pads sounds, drones and similar sources, to let them act in an unpredictable, not time synced, neither repetitive way, making the sound more “alive and breathing”.
You can anyway try it out experimenting on anything else you want.

Its largely customizable as most of the effects come with “on/off” switches and choices can be made too about the amount of random variations given by the selected effect stage.
Being dual band Imperfektor gives the freedom to add effects and random interventions in a different way to each one of the 2 frequencies groups, or to one only, when muting the other.



  • Band split point selector
  • Dual effects chains, each one affecting the selected bands and allowing variations on:
    • eq/filtering levels on mid/mid-high
    • sound pressure on low/mid-low
    • resonance
    • frequencies shifting
    • saturation
    • bands pan
    • clipping
    • limiting
    • pre and post amplification options
    • dry/wet mix.



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