Dance Midi Samples intros House Pianos: Deep House & Future by Martin Sampleware


Developer: Martin Sampleware

house-pianosDance Midi Samples has released House Pianos: Deep House & Future, a new collection of samples and MIDI’s by Martin Sampleware.

House Pianos: Deep House & Future brings you a total of 90 pianos, keys & organs with 30 accompanying MIDI files.

Martin Sampleware delved deep into the past and far in to the future of House Music to discover what makes House pianos sound so damn catchy in all of those classic tracks. To that end, you’ll find a collection of intuitive chord progressions which feature those jazzy Minor 7th chords, perfect for capturing the Deep & Future sound in your own original mixes. Each piano chord progression is offered with three variations, including organs, pianos and other quintessential Deep & Future House sounds.

While this collection is aimed at producers of Deep and Future House, the included content can easily be used in G-House, Garage, Groove House, and a myriad of other sub-genres, old and new!

‘House Pianos: Deep & Future House’ comes from the Martin Sampleware team, who brought you the ‘Hit Guitars’ series (did we mention it’s in the top ten best-selling guitar sample packs of all time?!). They have dozens of releases on top labels like Armada, EMI, Sony, Black Hole Recordings etc.



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