Dance Midi Samples intros Beats & Loops Bundle by Nano Musik Loops


Developer: Nano Musik Loops

beats-loopsDance Midi Samples has announced the release of Beats & Loops Bundle, a bundle pack by Nano Musik Loops featuring loops and samples compiled from 13 individual packs.

Beats & Loops Bundle features over 400 drum loops and samples in one enormous 1 GB sample library from popular Nano Musik Loops sample packs.

Inside the download you’ll find sounds that are perfect for all electronic genres including House, Trance Hip Hop and more! The pack includes single drum hits, drum loops, drum fills, claps, kicks, hi-hats, snares, risers, builds and FX for easy beat and track creation.

The Beats, Drum Samples & Loops in this pack were compiled from these Nano Musik Loops packs:

  • ‘Ambient Choir Pads’
  • ‘Balearic House Vol 1’
  • ‘Beats & Loops Vol 2’
  • ‘Bring Dat Bounce’
  • ‘Cinematic Strings (Vols 1-7)
  • ‘Hip Hop Twerk’
  • ‘Progressive House & Trance Drops (Vols 1-3)’
  • ‘The Best Of Soul & Deep House Sessions Bundle (Vols 1-3)’
  • ‘Top Of The Pop & Deep House Bundle (Vols 1-3)’
  • ‘Trap Dat Booty (Vols 1-3)’
  • ‘Trap For Me’
  • ‘Trap Phenomenon’
  • ‘Big Room Club Nights’



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