Bram Bos releases Ruismaker FM drum synth for iOS


Developer: Bram Bos

ruismaker_fm_blackboardBram Bos has announced the release of Ruismaker FM, a FM percussion synth for iPad and iPhone (iPhone 5S and up) with iOS 9 or higher.

Ruismaker FM’s flexible synthesis engine lets you create anything from snaredrums, kickdrums and spacy toms to weird and unconventional percussive sounds and effects.

Works conveniently inside your sequencer and Audio Unit Instrument hosts so you can focus on making electronic music without app switching and screen juggling like before.


  • Audio Unit Instrument (AUv3): making music on iOS doesn’t get more convenient
  • Use Ruismaker FM’s flexible FM synth engine to create thousands of sounds
  • Comes with loads of factory preset sounds as example
  • Does not use any samples; all sounds are synthesized in realtime, on the fl
  • Light on the CPU, so you can run lots of instances simultaneously
  • Has an extra compact 4″ UI mode; especially for iPhone SE and iPhone 5S
  • Fully automatable parameters (requires host support)
  • Fully MIDI controllable using MIDI CC. Download the advanced guide on for more details about parameter automation, available instruments and MIDI implementation.



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