Boom Library releases World War 2 Tanks sample library


Developer: Boom Library

ww2tBoom Library has announced the release of World War 2 Tanks, a high-quality sound effects library of rare WW2 tanks/Panzers.

The library is the fruit of collaboration between Boom Library and Pole Position Productions (PPP) from Sweden.

The World War 2 Tanks sound effects library holds a gigantic arsenal of tank sounds. You get 8 different tanks to be super-flexible in your military sound design envorinment.

Each tank gives you driveby and onboard maneuvers. The onboard recordings are multi-channel recordings (4x stereo) that enable you to perfectly mix the sounds as you wish. For example: your interior scene sounds good but you need some more mechanical chain sound?

Simply boost the “Tracks” channel in your mix and you’re set. You’re totally free to give your tank the character it needs. Whether it’s a heavily damaged and slow tank or some massive crawling beasts that will – once at full speed – flatten everything that crosses their way.

You’re in full control with this SFX library. But there’s more. Besides driveby and multi-channel driving sounds, we added some handling sounds and – you’ll especially love them – a fine selection of incredible cannon shots.

World War 2 Tanks sample library features 400 files in more than 27GB of data. All files contain extensive metadata to provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible



Introductory: €199.20 (20% off until October 4th)/ List price is €249

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