ARTFX Studios releases Cinematic Creations for Serum


Developer: ARTFX Studios

cinematic_creations_for_serumARTFX Studios has announced the release of Cinematic Creations for Xfer Serum software synthesizer.

With 70 new presets aimed at cinematic sounds, this is intended for everybody who loves movie soundtracks more than the actual movies themselves.

Producer and sound designer “ARTFX” designed presets ranging from evolving pads and organic bass sounds to horrifying drones and leads. This hybrid between cinematic and electronic music designed to showcase the power of Serum. The presets are customizable and can be reverse engineered to learn to make similar sounds using the new wavetables.

Cinematic Creations comes with 55 custom made wavetables that can be used to create a wide variety of new presets using Serum’s wavetable synthesis engine. Also included are a selection of custom noise files made from real world recordings to layer in Serum presets for an organic touch.




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