Airwindows releases free Guitar Conditioner effect plugin


Developer: Airwindows

guitar-conditionerAirwindows has released Guitar Conditioner, a free guitar effect plugin (Windows & Mac) for achieving Djent style tones.

Replace your Tube Screamer (plugin OR REAL DEAL) with this plugin, to get ‘scrunch’ and subs conditioning, but without the sponginess that even hardware TS9s have.

I designed this plugin when I saw what Slew was capable of. It uses a combination of Slew and Highpass in a sort of parallel matrix arrangement, with heavy use of my Highpass’s unusual tone shaping features (extreme lows get Tight tone shaping behavior, and a boosted mids circuit is set to Loose rolloff for the proper texture). Both aspects hit their own Slew at different levels and with different voicings, causing a distinct tone quality.

This is not a Tube Screamer plugin at all. It’s an alternate tone for doing similar things but with more sonority, focus and impact. It’s intended for Djent style sounds and people who can play much, much better and more aggressively than me 🙂




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