ADSR Sounds releases Melodic Chords And Arps – Cthulhu Presets


Developer: ADSR Sounds

melodic-chords-arpsADSR Sounds has announced the release of Melodic Chords And Arps – Cthulhu Presets.

We’ve taken full advantage of the vast features in Xfer Records’ Cthulhu, to deliver a whole spectrum of chords in genre labeled key groups. Each preset contains about 4 groups of inspiring chords that are all in the same key making it easier than ever to come up with a fitting variety of chord progressions.

Flick the switch on Cthulhu’s arpeggiator and those chord presets become a melodic lead with tons of flexibility. We’ve even included custom appregiator presets that will give you even more flexibility and inspiration for a variety of electronic music styles.




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